We The Community As Geekulcha Wins An Award

Geekulcha was founded on the 15th of  March 2013 as a tech community and platform that focuses on empowering young geeks through ICT skills development and training while giving them a taste of what awaits them in the big world through industry exposure.

It is a place where young geeks connect, share knowledge and collaborate. The platform strives to build and monitor these transitions:

  • From High School: Geekulcha believes in introducing individuals to tech at a young age and starting them while young;
  • To Tertiary: From Rural FET to top universities in South Africa and around the world, Geekulcha has a developmental and industry preparatory platform for them
  • Job Market: Ensuring that everyone masters the craft, programmes are curated to ensure that one continues to grow in their own chosen career fields

The ICT Public Service Awards provide a platform to recognise excellence and acknowledge government institutions from all spheres of government who have utilised technology to improve the lives of all citizens. The Awards process promotes successful solutions and the application of projects that contribute to improved service delivery. 

On the 13th of  September 2022 at the Govtech SITA Digital service awards, Geekulcha brought home the Community Builder recognition award! The award sought to acknowledge and celebrate individuals, project teams, or initiatives that have made a considerable difference in the community through ICT, or the use of an ICT tool to make a difference in the community.

The Geekulcha community has over 19 700 techies around the world. We connect students with industry professionals and mentors. Geekulcha currently supports these platforms in marginalised areas: Vuligqondo Digital Lab and Limpopo Developer ecosystem to ensure that, indeed, no one is left behind. Geekulcha also has 37 student societies across the country. The award couldn’t have gone to a more deserving community builder. 

Geekukcha thanks the team, and all the Friends of Geeks for their continuous support and the amazing geek community.

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