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Igniting Student Impact Through Tech and Innovation

The Geek Culture On Campus

The Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) is aimed at getting students into Tech and Innovation Leadership for students on campus in generating an understanding of the digital environment, becoming inspired, and enabling life-changing innovation.

Created in 2015, the GKSS initiative has been at the forefront of development of young local tech talent and enabling them into industry towards opportunity and access creation for fellow students.

Geekulcha values growing the GKSS Leaders who in turn, helping the growth of students on campus on various aspects of career development. Train The Trainer sessions are done quarterly for GKSS chapters.

Being A GKSS Leader

The following are qualities expected from a GKSS leader.

Networking Skills

An ability to socially network with students, communities, and industry leaders in order to close the gaps.

Critical Thinker

A GKSS leader must be able to think clearly and rationally, and make logical connections between ideas.

Well Organised

As a GKSS leader you deal with the students, industry, community as well as your studies.

Leader By Example

As a GKSS leader you should follow and execute the goals set as a team in order for the team to be fully supportive.

Vision & Analysis

As a GKSS leader you should be able to identify the needs of the students and their growth prospects.


It is important that you can professionally call people to order, when it is needed to be. Maintain a healthy environment.

Learn to be curious

Never stop learning, you should always be seeking to improve your knowledge un order to be able to share with others.

Build Coalitions

Find academic, society, industies, and communities whose interests align with your own and work together.

Good Listener

It is important that you are able to sit down with your team plan out activities, and come up with new ideas on.

Objectives of GKSS

Technology & Innovation

Creating conducive and enabling environment to make use of emerging technological tools to build and innovative solutions

Growth Impact

A focused growth platform through an end-user focused need during the student life and preparing for the exdustry

Industry Exposure

Bring industry leaders on campus and enabling students to get exposed to different opportuniti in the tech industry.

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Upcoming GKSS Events

  • AI Expo Africa 2024

    AI Expo Africa 2024 is the largest artificial intelligence (AI), Intelligent Automation (IA) and smart tech trade event & conference in Africa. With a community of 50K+ business practitioners, the...

  • Giyani School Visit

    A special expedition visit by youngsters from the Giyani to explore the world of ICT and get exposed to different opportunities. This event will consist of enlightenment, hands-on and a tech debate...

  • Code Retreat 2024

    Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design.


  • Geekulcha Annual Hackathon

    The Geekulcha Annual Hackathon is a premier hackathon in the African continent challenging developers, digital practitioners, data enthusiasts, economic policymakers, and others to create solutions...

  • PSI Hackathon 2023

    The Public Sector Innovation Hackathon will enable the creation and implementation of new service delivery solutions (systems, processes, methods, models, products and services) resulting in signif...

A platform of young tech months

GKSS Leaders have the freedom to create own programmes and set growth paths for their chapters and students through a range of programmes. Top GKSS leaders are identified for channeling of further growth.

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