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Maker Library Network

Geekulcha Maker Library activities from March 2016 to March 2017. The Maker Library Network is a global project by the British Council.


A collection of books ranging from design to tinkering forms part of the Maker Library Network structure and open to all for reading.


Enabling a space for makers to make and ecourage co-creativity at Hackathons, the main space, skate parks and in pop-up events.


The Maker Library Network celebrates human achievement and showcases the creative work of various makers in the maker ecosystem.

# Image Activity Type Date Description
1 Soweto Ekasi Lab Tour Maker Day 19 April 2016 UK, Nigeria, ZA makers toured Soweto for the start of the Geekulcha Maker Library Network in Gauteng.
2 Intel Training: VUT Training 19 April 2016 Makers hosted Intel training based on the Intel RealSense at the Vaal University of Technology.
3 Intel Training: UP Training 21 April 2016 Makers hosted Intel training based on the Intel RealSense at the University of Pretoria
4 VUT Open Day Outreach April 2016 Campus reachout and making at the Vaal University of Technology.
5 International Girls in ICT STEM 23 April 2016 Empowering young girls into ICT in Ga-Rankuwa
6 Africa Code Week - Kimberley STEM 22 - 23 October 2016< DrawBots to empower young makers in Kimberley through the contintal week of coding in Africa.
7 National Science Week 2016 STEM 08 August 2016 A week long of Science festivities around the country. The team went down to Kimberley (Limpopo), Sebokeng(Gauteng), Rustenburg(North West) and Free State bulding science interest onto young people.
8 SkateHacks tours: Soweto STEM 16 June 2016 Makers meet Skaters - putting Tech onto skateboards and attracting more young people into Science and Technology.
9 gkVacWork 2016: Pretoria VacWork 29 March 2016 Geekulcha Vacation Work (gkVacWork) programme - youngsters from different townships in Tshwane spent holidays with the Geeks builing ICT-based projects.
10 gkVacWork 2016: City Deep VacWork 19 April 2016 Championed by the FOE Foundation, young creatives and makers built projects for a smarter city.
11 gkVacWork 2016: Soweto VacWork 19 April 2016 Young Makers in Soweto used recycled materials to build projects that matters for their communities.
12 gkVacWork 2016: Nababeep VacWork 08 July 2016 Down in the Northern Cape, youngsters define a Digital Narattive for their province mentored by the makers to build ICT-based projects.
13 Fakugesi 2016: Robotics Fakugesi 02 September 2016 Robots out of recycled and junk materials - makers got hands and build cool robots.
14 Open Dataquest Fakugesi 19 April 2016 Challenging thinkers and data fans to come up with cool data visualizations on culture and urban life.
15 Market Hack Fakugesi 19 April 2016 Makers gonna make - a day of maaking various things at the Fakugesi Market Hack.
16 African Emojis Workshop Fakugesi 19 April 2016 The Layyers team led the 3D design of African Emojis workshop.
17 IoTHack 2016 Hackathon 23 June 2016 Hosted at the Innovation Live Conference (Crowd Sourcing Week Africa) at the Telkom Business Connexion, young makers built various IoT-enabled solutions.
18 RHoK Pretoria 2016 Hackathon July 2016 Challenging thinkers and data fans to come up with cool data visualizations on culture and urban life.
19 GKHack16 - Makerspace Hackathon 24 - 26 June 2016 Biggest hackathon in the country with over 220 Geeks, the Maker Library Network had maker room for IoT projects.
20 SAB KickStart Makerthon Hackathon 30 - 31 July 2016 Maker librarians mentored the finalists of the SAB KickStart ignnite makerthon challenge.

Open Data For Innovation and Smart Citizenship

Geekulcha work with partners to support Open Data programmes in South Africa

  • Open Data South Africa Toolkit: This toolkit contains advice and links to resources that can be used by students, researchers, activists and entrepreneurs.
  • Open Data Quests: An Open Dataquest event encourages the use of open datasets to come with a story angle, visualize and then present findings.
  • Lokate My Kasi: The LokateMyKasi challenge invites developers to build Mapping Intelligence solutions focused on rural or township communities.