GK2024: Igniting A Kulcha of Business

The South Africa Hackathon ecosystem creates quite a number of solutions by local techies. Many of these solutions end up in "localhost' or "" of developers computers. A number of challenges may be attributed to this:

  • Such a hackathon was most probably not set out to create new startups, this is very normal for technology focused hackathons.
  • Solution was created by a group of young budding developers who attended the hackathon for the kulcha and/or to put their skills to the test and growth.
  • The solution became complex or the developers lost interest on it.
  • May be a case of requiring buy-in from enablers, either at government or corporate level in order to set it off.
  • It is also possible that the developers realised that they cannot create a lucrative business case out of the solution.

As a vehicle for tech excitation and enablement in South Africa, Geekulcha has always local developers to ensure that they build solutions that can get to the hands of the users. More efforts are needed and more in particular, support is needed at ground level (idea phase) to provide a guiding hand to young techies such that they can "make business sense".

In 2024, Geekulcha has set out its focus in order to help coordinate and catalyze efforts towards localised, intentional and sustainable business models to support solutions created by local developers.

Geekulcha is very much wary that not everyone wants to start a business but has deemed it as a necessity that strong business cases ought to be created.

There are many efforts in the ecosystem such as the ones by one of Geekulcha's strategic partners, the Startup Business Campus who support solutions post hackathons, including assistance with business registration, high-end mentorship by local and international experts, and many other support mechanisms. Geekulcha has committed to assert more support to the Startup Business Campus on their efforts.

As an Igniter, Geekulcha plays a role in strategy development, impact mapping and creating / enabling platforms to help the ground be fertile in the support of new venture creation. The following are the set of mechanisms that Geekulcha will be driving in 2024:


Geekulcha is well known for vibrant tech events and has setup the Sonke platform which has been used in a number of tech activities (hackathons in the main) and has built a business toolkit with following intent.

MARKET INTELLIGENCE: With up to 12 sectors / verticals, this tool help local techies innovate better through an understanding of key market performance, trends, consumer behaviour (social media data too), funding patterns, key players, etc.

COMPETITION ANALYSIS: Based on an idea - the tool shows you possible competitors against your startup - to help build a strong USP.

TOOLS: All the tools a startup would need to get started in building and/or testing lucrative business cases.

LEAN CAMPUS: This generates a Lean Business Canvas document for your solution. Includes Unique Value Proposition and Key Metrics as emphasis.

LAUNCH PAD: As in the picture - the launch pad utility helps one test markets... a landing page for your solution gets created and then be able to send out for traction. Willing buyers can subscribe too. There are also stats to profile the willing buyers / users of one's solution.

LOCAL STARTUPS: A directory of South African startups in up to 12 sectors to show who's who. Major update coming in 2024.

INTERNATIONALISATION: How one's startup would fair in other countries' markets. Includes a currency converter for now.

GET FUNDED: A directory of funding platforms one would likely go to... currently building a recommendation mechanism to it.

POLICY GENERATORS: Samples and generators for privacy policy statements generators towards achieving compliance.

LEGAL DOCUMENTS TEMPLATES: Documents that a startup would need and have ready for different scenarios.

INCUBATORS: Key actors within the South African innovation ecosystem.

The business toolkit has already been used in various hackathons, allowing teams to generate Lean Business Canvas documents.


Together with partners, Geekulcha will instituting a 45-days hackathon support programme to help developers map and prepare market test of their solution, fully assess and penetrate markets with their solution.

This will be conducted and managed through Geekulcha and partners offices in order to assert value added guidance onto the teams.