Social Activism: Geekulcha Launches A Volunteer Network Programme

There is a naive saying that "when the going gets tough, tough runs like a thief in the night". Certainly, this is not the spirit of South Africa as demonstrated from time to time. Many a time where a call needed human spirit, combine efforts and come forward to assist in helping light work.

Over the years Geekulcha, has attracted over 130 volunteers who placed best foot forward and assisted in this manner.

  • Mentoring youngsters through the Youth ICT and Business Vacation Work programme in many parts of the country.
  • Industry leaders imparting knowledge onto young and upcoming techies.
  • Collaboration with the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) through the National Youth Service (NYS) to build youth activism.

Various efforts have been set in place to build socially-relevant solutions and in particular, the Random Hacks of Kindness (RHOK) has been one such platform that challenged developers to build solutions for social good.

Volunteering can help one achieve a sense of fulfilment but it's also an opportunity to grow one's footprint, build a sense of social activism and/or set pathways towards social innovation.

More often than not, local techies make a request to Geekulcha to volunteer their time, skills or service to serve the country in the digital emancipation.

This new programme is a step towards enhancing this call and giving many, an opportunity to play a part in shaping the digital narrative across the country and the continent itself.

The Geekulcha Volunteer Network Seeks To:

  • Build the spirit of volunteerism in South Africa within the tech space and below
  • Build a community of socially-aware and act
  • Foster development of collaborative community projects in response to certain needs
  • Energise and fuel South Africa's open source agenda

Volunteers within the network will be recognised, be suited with Geekulcha merch and get an opportunity to travel around the country with on community based programmes.