Tech Enlightenment In Daveyton - Gauteng Youth Expo

South Africa is experiencing so many challenges that includes unemployment and the people in rural and township communities feel the wreath the most. Where are the opportunities?

In a step to address unemployment issues that have negatively affected young people in Townships, Informal Settlements and Hostels (TISH), the Gauteng department of e-Government hosted a Youth Tech Expo, on Monday, 12 December 2022 at East Rand School of Arts, Daveyton, in Benoni.

Together with the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI), Geekulcha formed part of the Gauteng Tech Youth Expo to provide enlightenment onto the world of tech and what one needs to look out for when applying for a job. The message to the youth was centred around digital literacy, what it means and what one invest time and effort to.

They way of work has changed, and as witnessed during the Covid-19 pandemic, the knowledge of Cloud Computing is paramount in the workplace. The youth need to stay up to date with requirements of the modern workplace. Geekulcha and the CPSI place momentum on various youth programmes for growth and preparation for the world of work onto the young people.