PowerToActHack: A Weekend To Hack SA 2.0

The Rivonia Circle hosts the Power to Act Hack in collaboration with Geekulcha. The Power to Act Hack is a platform for 100 coders, strategists, engineers and graphic designers to create tools to enable and empower activism and civic participation in South Africa.

This hackathon will design platform that will connect active citizens, encourage participation in policy engagements and empower people with information about how they can participate in building a better future in South Africa.


South Africa is due for an upgrade. We must design and build South Africa 2.0 as a fairer, safer, free and more equal society where all people have a better quality of life. Every person has the Power to Act to upgrade to a South Africa we can all be proud of.

There are thousands of change-makers across South Africa who are working to make South Africa a better, and millions who are wanting to be part of building solutions for the future. Using technology, the hackathon will build the support structures to enable people the Power to Act by sharing ideas, joining communities of activist and designing campaigns and solutions to affect the South Africa 2.0 upgrade.

The Power to Act Hack will put out 4 challenges for participants to design:

  1. Democracy Builder communities manager platform
  2. Policy Communities engagement platform
  3. Civic Education empowerment platform
  4. Activist campaign builder

Join us as we mobilize technology to enable all people of South Africa to contribute to positive change through supporting our Power to Act.