GK2021 - Reflecting On The Year 2021

The year 2021 was another year to try harder in the midst of the pandemic and the local Geek Culture did not stop short in making things happen towards building solutions that matters or to enhance others' skillsets and growth. A lot has happened and it is couraging that the spirit still strives stronger.

We reflect on the year that was 2021 where the Geek Culture was looked beyond the surface.

10. Geeking At Church

Geekulcha thanks the churches that have opened up their doors to drive digital skills in communities and recognises and urges more churches to follow suit to help grow tech/digital skills for greater social participation.


9. A Thank You To The Industry

The village needed more support in order to grow and industry leaders played a role through mentorship, resource provision and guidance to the industry. Dankie siyabonga on your dedication and passion to make a change in the local tech ecosystem.


8. Secure By Design

From SafeHack to security certification programmes, Geekulcha is pleased to see local Geeks taking route into cyber security and thanks its partners for support and actually hiring Geeks into their cybersecurity workings.


7. Northern Cape Developer Ecosystem

The journey that began in 2015 together with NC Department of Economic Development and Tourism, mLabSA and Sol Plaatje University is yielding good results with more tech startups emerging, techies winning national hackathons and more capacity growth.


6. Igniting The Geek Culture On Campus

The Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) is positioned to build a Geek Culture on campus and society and the work of the GKSS leaders is commended through providing enlightenment and excitement in the tech and industry standards. We thank GKSS leaders for also helping fellow students with exam preparations and imparting skills onto Future Geekstars.


5. Year Of The Geeks

In 2021, Geekulcha reached over 12 000 developers through different programmes. Geekulcha also congratulates a number of Geeks on various milestones such as GuardianHealth for winning Best Health Solution at #MTNAppAwards, team ArtScience on their new offices, and many more.


4. The Business Clinic

Partner of the year award goes to The Business Clinic by the ICRD Group in Johannesburg Newtown. Geekulcha thanks The Business Clinic for the tremendous support, co-creation and implementation of different programmes and setting up of a developer team.


3. Bozza Things For The Nation

A shout to MTN South Africa and MTN Business in particular for the amazing strides to build a strong developer ecosystem: MTN Business Academy, Hackathon, App of the Year Awards and TADHack South Africa - MTN came through for the Geeks, fueled by Creative Space Media. The MTN Business App Academy got upgraded to NQF Level 5 through IT Varsity.

#ItsGoTime #MTN

2. Thank You To 20 Crew Members

Geekulcha had up to 20 staff/team members in 2021 and the organization thanks each one for the awesome work in 2021. Some were working from the UK, some went to study abroad, new startup ventures - the growth is beautiful to see. More than 30 tech solutions were developed, tons of design work and the Geek Culture was documented.


1. Digital Literacy In Marginalized Communities

A partnership with the UK Government's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), Geekulcha delivered digital literacy training in rural/remote areas, for people living with disabilities, women/girls and low income areas. A thank you to the CPSI, partners and the Provincial Champions for the support.