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Zakia Salod

Zakia Salod

  • Organisation: Africa Teen Geek
  • Role: Software Developer

Zakia's Biography

Zakia Salod is a Software Developer from Durban, Southern Africa. She obtained her BSc Computer Science and Information Technology degree and a BCom Honours in Information Technology (Cum Laude) degree from UKZN Westville campus.

She believes that majority of the world problems can be addressed via Technology, especially the synergistic use of Technology and the vast amounts of data that exists in this era. Most notably, with this being the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), programming and the more advanced Technology areas like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Robotics have the capacity to drive important and impactful changes not just in Southern Africa but globally.

Specifically, Zakia is extremely passionate about the use of Technology and it's effect and potential benefit towards the field of Medicine. She believes that the use of Technology in Medicine greatly has a probability of assisting with the eventual saving of patient's lives and this serves as a driving factor in her passion within this area. Within this field, she is passionate about Machine Learning, Medical Informatics, Medicine and Bioinformatics, in addition to Programming.

Zakia took part for two Hackathons so far. She and her team was awarded first position for the Digital McKinsey Hackathon in Johannesburg in 2017. The grand prize was a trip to the Facebook F8 International Conference in the USA in 2018. Zakia and her team was placed 3rd position for the GirlCode Hackathon in Durban in 2018. Zakia is also a member of the Facebook Developer Circle Group in Durban, Southern Africa. She is also a volunteer, mentor and facilitator for the Africa Teen Geeks National NPO in Southern Africa. With this initiative, she assists with teaching, mentoring and empowering disadvantaged children in the KwaZulu-Natal province of Southern Africa, on how to code.

Zakia is also a natural Art fanatic. In addition, Zakia is a philanthropist and has a deep passion for helping others. This is in keeping with her life-long Goal of serving in the Path of The Almighty.

And my success cannot come from any source besides God. I have put my trust in Him.

- (Quraan 11:88)

Favourite Quote


Dear South African Geeks,

- Zakia Salod

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