Moringa School Focus Groups

Fri, 28 Feb 2020 with Moringa School

Moringa School is a multi-disciplinary coding school committed to closing the skills gap in Africa’s job market by offering high-potential students the necessary technical and professional training in order to compete in a digital, global economy. Founded in 2014 by Audrey Cheng, a Taiwanese-American entrepreneur, Moringa School is creating world-class developers by providing a comprehensive curriculum and an outcome-driven program to motivated, young people in Africa.

In a quest to explore the South African market in terms of Morninga’s offering, Geekulcha was commissioned to help facilitate Focus Group sessions with students in February 2020. Different groups of students within the Moringa target demographics were invited to participate via the Geekulcha communications network. These sessions formed part of a detailed product discovery process to better understand students’ ability to pay for their programs as well as their experiences, pain points, motivations and attitudes towards tech education in SA.


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