Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2020

Madimetja Simon Sekele

Madimetja Simon Sekele

  • Organisation: Intelligent Systems Innovators SA
  • Role: Co-Founder

Madimetja Simon's Biography

Simon believes in growing the Geek ecosystem and bringing/mentoring as many students as possible to engage in Hackathons and do some tech work out of academic.

Self-taught himself a lot of programming skills and put them to use in building solutions.

Got involved in the Geekulcha VacWork, Hackathons and was part of the team that hosted the TUT Kasi hackathon. He tutors programming to aspiring students and also lecture programming part time.

He has worked on multiple projects that includes but not limited to, building a mobile controlled drone and prototyping a vehicle security alert system. Some of his skills set range from Electronics/Robotics, website development. Simon taught himself most of the technologies/ languages that he Tutor or use.

For the love of the Geek Life, he is now pursuing his Masters in Computer Systems Engineering and venturing into Machine Learning.

Favourite Quote

The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future. You're going to look like you have magic powers compared to everybody else. - Gabe Newell

Dear South African Geeks,

Learn as much as you can, but never forget to implement. Be product Driven.

- Madimetja Simon Sekele

Madimetja Simon's Work

  • Healthcare

    Worked on an eHealth system that allowed patients to book supplements and appointments.

    Twitter Bot

    Twitter Bot that was responsible for retweeting, following and replying to some tweets


    A drone that was controlled via an Android device.

    Vehicle Security System

    A prototype of a vehicle security system, where he built a car that he installed some sensors which alerted the user if the car detected unusual motion within it's premises, and also sent a message to a defined number, embedded with GPS coordinates and car description when the car got involved in an accident. The aim was to allow the car to notify emergency services in case of an accident in a foreign area.

    At Hackathons

    He was part of the Lead Team in organizing the KASI Hackathon within TUT. He recently worked on a website that aims to assist people to find taxis and learn taxi signs in a foreign area.

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