Geekulcha and Vuligqondo Digital Lab Partnership

Here is an outline of what Geekulcha has done with Vuligqondo Digital Lab in the tech/digital ecosystem. As a player in Community, Vuligqondo Digital Lab is seen as a strategic for the partnership to help grow the Geek Culture.

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About Vuligqondo Digital Lab

Vuligqondo Research and Manufacturing Centre is a non-profit company accredited with Fibre Processing and Manufacturing SETA. The organization is in collaboration with the National Youth Development Agency, University of Mpumalanga, Tshwane University of Technology, Department of Science & Innovation, CSIR, TLIU, Ndzundza Mabhoko Traditional Council, GEEKULCHA and other stakeholders to improve our rural economic opportunities through science, technology and innovation.

Partnership Programmes

Youth ICT Business VacWork Mpumalanga