Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2022

Yenziwe Ngwenya

Yenziwe Ngwenya

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Yenziwe's Biography

She is a BCom accounting graduate who is passionate about people, marketing, design and digitization. Yenzi is currently a full time social media manager at Humanz and part time content creator on the socials. During her time at the University of Johannesburg, she started creating videos on YouTube, but little did she know that would connect her to the world. She has also had the opportunity to be a part of Tech Unstack Podcast, a platform that we created to open careers in tech. They have grown a community of over a 1000 listeners.

In 2022 sheb took on her role as a Social and Community Manager for global influencer marketing startup, Humanz. Her role has allowed her to serve the creator community in Africa and help to empower young content creators with resources to tell their stories online.

Favourite Quote

Don't wait for anyone to understand you - Unknown

Dear South African Geeks,

"It's time to bet on yourself - I would like to encourage young geeks to bet on themselves, to actually give themselves and their wildest dreams a chance.

This would be a message I would like to spread because just a few years ago, having that mentality helped me so much. I think everyone needs to give themselves space to try. Trying everything from gaming, developing or designing, but it really all just starts with giving those dreams a shot even though they seem wild and impossible."

- Yenziwe Ngwenya

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