Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2020

Vanessa Sekati

Vanessa Sekati

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Vanessa's Biography

A Digitally-Secure World

I am on a mission to change the world, I started VT Netsecure to combat one of the issues we face as the world currently which is cyber security attacks.

Her number one mission is to educate people on how to avoid phishing attempts, protect their personal information and protect themselves from cyber security attacks. They plan to educate the masses through a podcast that is set to launch at the end of May.

They are working on creating a cyber security awareness program to assist companies in educating personnel on how to avoid cyber security attacks in the workplace as well.

Her second mission is to create a company that will contribute in reducing the unemployment rate in South Africa.

We may not eradicate it completely but changing one persons life will cause a ripple effect in their community.

Another mission is to enable small businesses to incorporate technology in their businesses and learn how to protect their businesses from attacks, big corporations can easily afford such services where as small medium enterprises may struggle to afford such. SMME's are the heart of the economy and they need to be protected.

Favourite Quote

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. - Benjamin Franklin

Dear South African Geeks,

It is our mission to carry forth the baton our parents have passed on to us. We need to stop feeling entitled and start creating sustainable projects for us and our communities to better our own lives.

- Vanessa Sekati

Vanessa's Work

  • VT Netsecure

    VT Netsecure introduces consulting in Networking and Cyber Security solutions.

    SOC Analysis

    Network monitoring Prevent, detect, analyze and respond to incidents Maintain up to date product and technical knowledge.

    End-User Computing Tutor - University Of Johannesburg


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