Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2020

Tumelo Baloyi

Tumelo Baloyi

  • Organisation: TDIGITAL
  • Role: Founder

Tumelo's Biography

Code Monger, Dragon Slayer, Activist, Makes a living writing words that execute actions, your local Full stack ninja, hates books loves the internet Experience Workerslife Software Engineer June 2019 - Present (1 year) Pretoria, Gauteng he worked on Advanced sales forecasting system that includes a mobile app that allows sales agents to view their performance in real-time and receive feedback on submitted sales automatically

Favourite Quote

We are all born crazy some of us stay that. - Samuel Beckett

Dear South African Geeks,

The crazier the idea seems the more reason for it to exist, Keep on building those solutions till someone notices.

- Tumelo Baloyi

Tumelo's Work

  • DotAfro

    DotAfro is the first pro-black social networking site, where they embrace diversity and other cultures without judgement.


    CharOn, is a cell tower protection app. While it is aimed at telcos, it is powered by ordinary citizens acting as a watch over cellphone towers. The batteries powering these towers have become hot property in criminal circles.


    Thuso, an app that helps survivours communicate after a natural disaster, such as a flood

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