Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2022

Trecia Sekgalo

Trecia Sekgalo

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Trecia's Biography

Her name is Trecia Sekgalo, better known as Trecia Kat and she is a self-taught frontend developer who is on her way to becoming a developer advocate. As a  college drop-out in 2021, she taught herself how to code so that she could bring her imagination and creativity to life on every site she builds.

She spends time learning and crafting her skills in frontend design and shares her learning process on what she designs with CSS.

Trecia believes that kills speak louder than one's education, and that using social media platforms to showcase your skills is the best way to put yourself out there.

Favourite Quote

Of all things, I liked books best. - Nikola Tesla

Dear South African Geeks,

You can make it in tech! With or without formal education. All you need is a laptop, the internet, and a willingness to learn. Your life will change for the better with that attitude in 6 months.

- Trecia Sekgalo

Trecia's Work

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