Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2022

Thapelo Sekwena

Thapelo Sekwena

  • Organisation: Tangent Solutions and Botho Jobs
  • Role: Senior Developer

Thapelo's Biography

Thapelo Sekwena is a Senior RPA developer at Tangent Solutions, Author and a founder of Botho Jobs. He is the winner of the Johannesburg’s Geojozi developer’s challenge 2016.

Born and bred in Lichtenburg, North West Province, Thapelo grew up as a techie and would help his parents with appliances, gadgets and tasks such as transacting on ATMs. He grew up playing TV games, later PlayStation games, and he also owned a game shop with a friend called The Zone game shop.He always wanted to be a medical doctor but his obsession with tech got him to apply for a computer science and mathematics degree. Four years later, he obtained his degree from North West University.

Thapelo (based in Pretoria GP) has worked across different sectors in South Africa as a developer and in the UAE as an automation consultant. He values people, innovation, education and open-mindedness. He believes that dreams do come true, more so if you are resilient and true to your dreams.

Favourite Quote

Build Strong and properly; or get ready to rebuild. - Poloko Mmakgolane

Dear South African Geeks,

My message to you is that , as we happen to find ourselves through this tough unprecedented times, may we rise to the occasion and start seeing this as an opportunity. An opportunity to be more innovative, An opportunity to change lives and an opportunity to showcase our talent .I am urging all of you to rise to the occasion, help and contribute towards a better South Africa through technology and innovation. Thank You!

- Thapelo Sekwena

Thapelo's Work

  • I have been working tirelessly aiming to help and contribute towards a better South Africa using technology and innovation. For example:

    1. I have built a software robot to scrap jobs from various sites and share them with the youth on platforms where they spend most of their time such as Twitter and Facebook , this also because people without data can know about these jobs via the Facebook free platform amongst others. I am also working tirelessly to make sure my job portal is zero rated to fight unemployment and poverty in this country. The software robot I built is called Bothojobs and can be check on the following links: ,,

    2. Written a book title The 4IR – Surviving the Era of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to help educate the nation about the fourth industrial revolution , its threats and opportunities. Following the release of this book I have given talks based on the fourth industrial revolution at institutions such as the University of Johannesburg , University Of Free State , North West University , Tshwane University of Technology , South African Institute of Civil Engineers and the South African Reserve bank.

    Following all this work I have also donated copies of my book to Boikhutso township library and Lichtenburg library as a way to promote and teach the country about the 4IR.

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