Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2017

Sihle Mabaleka

Sihle Mabaleka

  • Organisation: Code Tribe SA
  • Role: Android Facilitator

Sihle's Biography

He considers himself an experiment of the digital age; living proof of concept of what the internet can create. Born of a teacher and clerk, Sihle, grew up with learning and writing around him. He had a curiosity about him - ahead of his time and always in trouble with his teachers over schoolwork. He never did much of it.

He was a smart kid that couldn't be tamed. He wasn't wild, he just never played ball with the norm. 'I love teaching, I love learning. I don't think there should be rules and limitation around it. '

Favourite Quote


Dear South African Geeks,

- Sihle Mabaleka

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