Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2020

Nangamso Tshwete

Nangamso Tshwete

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Nangamso's Biography

Developer on the move

Described as 'quite sharp and perceptive', Nangamso grasps complexity quite well and works well with others. She's been given recognition all over the country by some of the biggest tech companies including but not limited to DVT, Entelect and Geekulcha themselves.

She was awarded best developer at the Girl code hackathon and that's just the beginning.

She also plans to bridge gaps between other sectors and technology, so that society starts to see how technology has a part in every sector and our daily lives and how incorporating technology into society more can benefit us.

Favourite Quote

Even on my weakest days, I get a little bit stronger. - Sara Evans

Dear South African Geeks,

We are only now seeing the benefits and need for innovation in this country. The possibilities are endless. Let’s have fun.

- Nangamso Tshwete

Nangamso's Work

  • Medical Assistance

    Girl Code Hackathon, created a prototype website that allows Doctors to manage patient medical records, schedule appointments at clinics and manage the dosage and type of medication they are taking.

    IoT System for Patients

    Geekulcha Hackathon- Refined the prototype designed at the girl code hackathon to be an electronic medical record to be implemented with IoT as an innovation for hospitals to use as a form of keeping patient information on hand and available 24/7. Protected against loss and theft etc.

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