Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2020

Lyth Brown

Lyth Brown

  • Organisation: Qubit Engineering
  • Role: Chief Business Officer

Lyth's Biography

Making Business Sense

Essentially Lyth is a person who possesses a studious attitude towards all tasks/jobs and has a strong willed persona with excellent people skills.

As a software developer he displays competencies in many various fields (specifically software development, IT management and Start up growth)and thus displays adaptability as well as strong business acumen. Current Chief Business Officer at Qubit Solutions and Applied Information Systems student.

Favourite Quote

Lyth brown has amazing drive and gets things done. The projects he has been involved in make an impact to the community. Including incubating teams and assisting them in launching their ideas. - Teammate

Dear South African Geeks,

- Lyth Brown

Lyth's Work

  • Spaanify

    A gamified challenge based approach to recruitment aimed at getting you your dream development job

    Intelligent Job Hunter

    They created a Windows Desktop App that can be used to generate high quality CVs within seconds after a user inputs his/her details into the relevant sections. After generating the CV, the user has the options to either print out the CV, visit a career suggestion site and to apply for jobs at sites like LinkedIn jobs.

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