Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2020

Kutlwano Tshatiwa

Kutlwano Tshatiwa

  • Organisation: Eskom Expo For Young Scientists
  • Role: Software Developer

Kutlwano's Biography

Future GeekStar

At the age 14 years old. But not only because of age, but also because of obstacles he came across when I started programming. He did not have a laptop to program on but used his phone to program. He used an IDE for Android called 'AIDE'. That's one of the most challenging obstacles he came across.

He participated in the Eskom Expo For young Scientists ISF 2019 and won a 'highly commended project award' adding to the bronze and gold medal he won at levels under the ISF. Kutlwano built the project using his cellphone, it was RBrowser, a private browser application.

Favourite Quote

Ideas do not come out fully formed, the only become clearer as you work on them. You just have to get started. - Mark Zuckerberg

Dear South African Geeks,

It is simply not about what you have but about what you can do with your keyboard, with that being said worry less about qualification but worry more about skills. In order to be a great programmer and use all of this super powers with just finger tips on your keyboard you just have to dedicate yourself to life time learning and always leave by the qoute 'Stay Hungry, stay foolish' by Steve Job"

- Kutlwano Tshatiwa

Kutlwano's Work

  • Math Geek

    The application has many useful sections which can help learners who struggle with mathematics.

    The applicantion has the math tips section, quiz section, history of math section and careers in math section. Now I am currently adding a feature which will be able to scan math problems and come up with solutions.

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