Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2018

Kim Mukenge

Kim Mukenge

  • Organisation: Kimard Studio
  • Role: Game Developer & Designer

Kim's Biography

Arnaud Mukenge Kim Chulu Amina is an entrepreneur in technology & a lecturer in User Experience & Graphic Design. Founder of Kimard Studio, in 2014, which focuses on consulting in Gamification, User Experience design and build internal game products for education as well as entertainment.

Arnaud was born in the DRC, completed his Cum Laude degree in South Africa in Multimedia, specializing in Gamification for educational content. He has won a few competitions including the Nasa Space Apps Challenge in the people's choice challenge for South Africa twice, and the Gamification for social good in Ethiopia in 2015 which certified him by GIZ in gamification.

He is currently living in South Africa and running Kimard Studio and sharing knowledge at Pearson Institute as a lecturer.

Also enjoys discussing about technology and the possibilities of always not having boundaries when developing an idea.

He runs the Unity 3D Africa User Group allowing communication between unity and their community in Africa.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

- Julius Caesar

Favourite Quote


Dear South African Geeks,

- Kim Mukenge

Kim's Work

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