Top 15 Young Geeks - Class of 2020

Karabo Maboka

Karabo Maboka

  • Organisation: Deviare
  • Role: Data Science Student

Karabo's Biography

Fulfilling Passion

He is committed to the ICT and Data Science industry, has the intention of not only empowering himself with the industry, but also empower those who are not previlaged enough to gain access to the sector because of lack of resources.

Karabo has taken an initiative to use his skills he has in Data Science to educate people about the current pandemic we are faced of coronavirus, he does this by generating data related to this pandemic (no of cases, death toll and recovery) and pass this information through social media platforms.

Favourite Quote

In the long term, Artificial Intelligence and automation are going to be taking over so much of what gives humans a feeling of purpose. - Matt Bellamy</em>

Dear South African Geeks,

South Africa has brilliant young people who are passionate about technology.Tech is going to disrupt every area of our lives.

We live in the age of tech disruption where Data can discover patterns about anything, AI can help us in identifying fake news,machine learning can assist in making future predictions and Cloud Computing can help us to store data without having a Physical device likeHard drive or USB.We need to adapt as soon as possible.

- Karabo Maboka

Karabo's Work

  • GKHack: WRC Water and Sanitation Challenge

    Experiencing drought as national crisis, Low level of dams which causes water shortages in homes and possibility of war from recurring drought in future.

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