Yolanda Mabusela

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Yolanda's Biography

Yolanda holds several positions under her belt most of them being in Leadership positions, she is an Intern at Contactable and a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, She is co-building Student Build Conference and a Host of the Social Geeks Podcast and the only South African Ambassador at Auth0.

She is a tech enthusiast and enjoy solving problems, recently acquiring skills in Azure and AI. Part of her advocacy includes enabling and sharing opportunities with underrepresented communities to make tech accessible for everyone

Favourite Quote

I didn't come here to be average - Michael Jordan

Dear South African Geeks,

Dear South African Geeks a lot has been said about everything, what's left from us is to collaborate and build together, there is power in collaboration and execution.

- Yolanda Mabusela

Yolanda's Work
    • Social Geeks Podcast

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