Vuyo Mhlotshane

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Vuyo's Biography

A mom to Noah, founding member of community driven initiative #InsiderUp with Microsoft, with a personal goal in life is to uplift more and more impoverished communities, through teaching kids and young ladies how to get started with coding.

As she embarked on her cloud journey with Andela Google For Africa, she continuously learn and share knowledge with others. Organising GDG Polokwane Meetups and helping rural communities become digitally literate by gaining Microsoft Digital Literacy Certifications.

Favourite Quote

Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise - proverbs 6:6

Dear South African Geeks,

Helping communities through technology can be you, taking the first step that can impact your family, friends, colleagues, community at large by getting everyone involved in living a meaningful life.

- Vuyo Mhlotshane

Vuyo's Work