Sphephelo Mabena

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Sphephelo's Biography

A self-taught computer programming in 2018. He first taught himself web development (JS, PHP & Python). In 2020 he taught himself Android App development, then he published his first app which is 4local App.

He went further and taught himself IOS development (swift). He then taught himself Flutter App development.

In 2020 he also developed the Future Parking software system, which is a paperless parking software system meant to be integrated with parking systems of malls. For more information about please visit: www.fpsoftware.co.z

Favourite Quote

You get paid in direct proportion to the problems that you solve - Elon Musk.

Dear South African Geeks,

The law of attraction states that you attract what you think about, provided that you also put in the work.

- Sphephelo Mabena

Sphephelo's Work
    • 4local

      Taxi maths solution

    • FP Software

      A paperless and contactless parking software system for malls. It consists of 3 different desktop applications and 2 mobile applications.