Simphiwe Radebe

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Simphiwe's Biography

He is a software developer, and all his experience is self-taught. Simphiwe specialises in mobile applications and work very well with mobile apps. He was introduced to programming at the age of 14 and he had been learning at home on making websites. After that he was interviewed to appear on his local newspaper for making his school a website at 16 years old, while learning from home. He inspired a few friends of mine and they decided to learn more about programming too. That's when we started his company called Brain Cap Developers at the age of 16.

He thought that making websites isn't enough, that's when he started playing around with android applications. He enjoyed working with them more, so he decided to learn as much as he can in his free time, whilst still in Grade 11. In 2020, lockdown began and he didn't have much to do. He continued sharpening his skills and when we went back to school, he saw the long process that must be done everyday before we get into school. After identifying that problem, he came up with a solution to help make the process move faster.

He created an app that will allow the learners to submit the screening info so we can get to class faster. That was too plain for the app then he thought of more features to add.

His most 'prized possession is his HELP App which sends your location to your enlisted contacts and sends them your location in an emergency. The app is targeted at women and the emergency is only triggered with the word HELP. No need to take your phone out of your pocket/bag.

He aims to bring as many easily accessible solutions to the country. That's his passion. And he try his utmost best to do that, no matter what is his way.

Favourite Quote

If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don't Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You. Steve Jobs

Dear South African Geeks,

No matter how young you are, you can do anything you want to do. If you have a passion for programming, attempt to learn as much as you can. There is so much to do that could be very beneficial to you and the people around you. No idea is ever too little

- Simphiwe Radebe

Simphiwe's Work
  • Help App

    Women safety app which allows users to save family members in app. When in trouble user just shouts 'help' and the app will send the users location to all listed contacts


    Healthify helps with when you call an ambulance and you don't know how far away it is. The app will show an ambulance driver within a 40km radius. You will also see his/her contact numbers and they will be able to see yours.