About Ikusasa Technology Solutions

IKUSASA Technology Solutions is a company providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training and consulting services. There is a need for more ICT Professionals which are short in supply thus Ikusasa’s role is to participate in the enablement of these resources. IKUSASA relies on its people’s skills and experiences in Information and Communication Technology Training, support, projects implementation and management. The company provides its training and consulting services to private and public organizations and businesses. IKUSASA Technology Solutions operates according to best practices available for different aspects of business operations found in most companies including General Management, Finance, Human Resources, Customer Care, etc… Ikusasa offers various services related to Hardware, Software and Applications, Networking and Data Communication, Soft Skills as well as ICT Certifications. Ikusasa has existing partnerships with various Internationally recognized brands for its business including among others Alcatel, CompTia, DMI, IBM, Microsoft, Huawei,Veritas,GEEKULCHA, Digital Marketing Institute …etc..

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