Noxolo Khoza

Part of Research and Development unit, Noxolo Khoza has been part of Geekulcha since 2021

It always seems impossible until its done, so do it!!

- Noxolo Khoza

About Noxolo Khoza

Research Support in the Research and Development unit

Studied towards a National Diploma In Information Technology specializing in Support services and information systems. Worked as an Intern at Geekulcha and did projects in networks, helpdesk and research support.

Noxolo Khoza's favourite quote:

Try and fail, But never Fail to try.


Projects At Geekulcha Since 2021

  • Geekulcha DevOps Pipeline

    Mapping and igniting the culture

  • Projects Profiling

    Creating means for project profiling at Geekulcha

  • Startup Business Hackathon

    Hosted by The Business Clinic, Noxolo helped make this possible.